A Lifestyle Change: Less Waste!

Honestly, if I peered back into the head of 15-year-old me, I’d never anticipate myself immersed in nutrition, Fair Trade, and “zero waste” living today.

It’s been a slow progress since I’m the type of person who carefully examines and experiments with health trends before adopting them into my routine.  Though, you’ll notice that a common theme amongst those 3 causes is that they all benefit the Mother Earth and her tiny occupants.

For a couple years now, I’ve blogged about nutrition and Fair Trade, but “zero waste” is still a very new concept to me, which is why I’ve been so hesitant to talk about it more.  It does get a little difficult to completely live zero waste since I live with my parents, but I’ve always been a firm believer in taking small steps when it comes to lifestyle changes.  I took initiative in the food department first.  If I shopped at the grocery store or ate out with friends, I’ll bring a reusable cloth bag or choose to dine-in so I reduce plastic bags, plates, and utensils.

To couple with my other causes, try to drink coffee at shops that offer available Fair Trade options.  However, whenever we were on the road, my boyfriend and I would order coffee to-go and I’d feel guilty AF throwing away so many paper cups.  The solution didn’t occur to me until I saw Andrea’s (@bezerowastegirl) Instagram account where she carried this cute reusable glass coffee cup around with her).  I decided to buy this reusable coffee cup instead because it had a higher volume capacity.  The point isn’t about following the trend, but investing in something that fits your own needs and is aligned with your cause as well.

At the end of the day, we all want to do some good in this world, whether we give ourselves the excuse that we don’t have enough time.  Perhaps you don’t have kids, or you do.  Perhaps you’re not close to your family, or you are.  But I can bet that you do know a friend or coworker who does have a baby, and that baby is SO CUTE that it makes up for all the farts and burps it makes in all the wrong moments.  Wouldn’t you want that little baby and the rest of your remaining years on Earth to be a thriving and fun adventure?  I’m not only focused on myself when I believe and act on my 3 causes.  I’m thinking about my impact on little cute babies, strangers like you, and the ecosystem.  It’s not that hard to nurture and take care of this Mother Earth.

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