Leila Janah & Marie Forleo on Alleviating Poverty

Marie Forleo is a wonderful female pioneer in the arena of motivation and business marketing.  I have always admired her vulnerability and attempts to find truths in every aspect of life.  Though, I consider her more of an entrepreneur than a philosopher or philanthropist.  But then again, I’ve learned that people are more than what I think of them, which is why I was really pleased when I saw this video on my email newsletter I routinely receive from Marie weekly.

I’ve never heard of Leila Janah, but the more I heard about her, the more excited I was about my life mission… and gee, I was starting to grow a crush on her too!  *Blushes*

Her entire work is about “giving work” to those in poverty instead of “giving charity” so they can solve their own problems and support themselves.  It’s not a radical idea as much as it is a radical action.  We’ve all thought about it but not many set out to do it, and even if we do, many famous clothing brands pay below living wages to those third world countries for laborious, intensive work.

Leila doesn’t just talk about these issues.  She improves them and hopes to eradicate them in her lifetime, if not, she’s paving the path for the next lifetime.  She’s also written a book called, Give Work, which I hope to read in the near future!

In this video, she’ll talk about her obstacles and opportunities–all of them delightful to hear and practical to apply in your life.  However, don’t just finish the video like it’s a movie for enjoyment.  We can all help daily in some small way.  Like Leila said, we’re all interconnected because every article of clothing we wear, possibly even at this moment, is made by someone who could use a more livable wage and meaningful job.  And perhaps you’re not Leila Janah who doesn’t aspire to build businesses that sources people from third world countries.  But what you can do nowadays is purchase anything that is certified Fair Trade.  That consumption is demand.  And that demand will translate into a change in the economic/market system that has been too ineffective and outdated to support this entire world.

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