MakeUp That Is “100% Pure”-ly Made From Fruits & Vegetables

Just as the community behind the Paleo Diet likes to draw their marketing from the diet of the Homo sapiens during the Paleolithic Period, I’d like to draw my assumption that they utilized the colors extracted fruits, vegetables, and nuts to apply on their faces to attract mates!  “Don’t I look beautiful like that baboon you keep eyeing?”

This is just my theory—don’t quote me!

Imagine there’s a cosmetic shop called “Paleo Makeup”… I would probably walk around the shop and wonder where all the food was, only to find myself confused that it’s turned into powder, gel, and cream.  Huh?  This is how the company 100% Pure made me feel.

When they first started out, 100% Pure used to have a lower percentage of fruits and vegetables in their cosmetics, but with the passing of time, advance technology, and playful experimenting, they achieved a percentage of 100% fruits and vegetables in their mascaras and lipsticks.  Astonishing, right?

I sought out their makeup after many days and nights of red eyes, itchy eyes, and twitching eyelids.  Especially since my Asian culture believed the left eye twitching was bad luck, that didn’t sit well with me.  I knew all of these symptoms were from my current cosmetics that had plenty of toxic ingredients.  But parts of me didn’t feel I could afford better quality makeup, and I tried to convince myself that I could go my whole life without makeup (which sounded possible but boring).

And to be honest, I’ve been developing a certain, stronger mentality that says, “Purchasing great quality products a few times a year is much more substantial and meaningful than to stuff my closet with things that won’t last a month.  In the end, I’d rather own something that has value and heart in every stitch and glue.”  

With that said, I purchased an eyeshadow palette, mascara, and a matte lipstick from 100% Pure and have not regretted it since!  My eyes still itched on the first week because I was still using the same brush as I did after all these years.  However, after the second week, I noticed little to no irritation.


On the plus side, you can smell the fruits and black tea from the mascara, which made me feel bad that I ever made my myself smell and apply harmful chemicals on my body.  Fruits and vegetables smell more pleasant and are gentler on our skin, the largest organ we have for the rest of our lives.  In addition, using 100% Pure makeup benefits the environment since we’re extracting less harmful oils from the Earth’s ground and animals are left alone due to no animal byproduct and testing.  Even though this cosmetic line is not Fair Trade, it is environment-friendlier than most lines so I wanted to include them in this blog.


As I say all of this, allow yourself to start small.  I recently purchase an eyeliner from 100% Pure this week because I needed to figure out my finances before I invested in another cosmetic item.  I’m the type of person who only buys things I need because I like minimalism and organization in my room and life so it takes me tons of time to ruminate on whether I should purchase this or that item.  One of the tips I use is, if I absolutely couldn’t have this, how would I feel?  My sad or neutral response is a compass as to what to do next.  Hope that helps!

May this blog post beautify your face and world :^)

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