These PACT Leggings Are Soft As A Baby’s Butt!

Soft clothing is very important to me.  Maybe too much, hahaha.

When I was a little kid, the first thing I would do when I received a new shirt or pair of pants was to snatch a scissor and cut off their tags because I hated how itchy they felt.  Wool sweaters were treated like the plague.  While I saw people everywhere smiling with spikes on their t-shirt or stiff pants, my skin crawled.  I only bought and wore comfortable clothing so in a way, it became my personal shopping quest.

So when I came across PACT,  I felt at home because they focused on making clothing soft and comfortable on the skin and on your conscience, knowing they were made in Fair Trade Certified factories.

These Shibori Black leggings I purchased were so soft, warm, and soothing to the skin that I wore them 2-3 times a week!

I’m currently wearing them as I lounge on my bed like a kitten, typing my feelings away.


All of their clothing are simple everyday wear, ranging from hoodies, t-shirts, pajamas, and leggings.  Nothing feels overdone or complex, making you feel more like yourself when you wear their clothing on a casual date–and maybe you get a few bonus points for pointing out you’re into rescuing the world by purchasing Fair Trade :^)

But there’s something greater to PACT’s mission!  The founder Brendan sources his clothing from sustainable material and only manufactures them in Fair Trade Certified factories.  Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) keeps PACT accountable by ensuring that everything is done ethically and responsibly each time before the certification process is complete.  With the accountability part taken care of, Chetna Organic jumps in to improve every small-scale farmer that PACT collaborates with by creating more market access opportunities and relinquishing the conventional practices of using agrochemicals on his or her land.

The next time your white t-shirt has spaghetti sauce or chimpanzee’s poop on it, remember PACT sells incredibly soft essential wears!  Or you can just stash up on them now to prevent those random accidents from ruining your trip to the grocery store or gym :^)

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