Girl’s Best Friend on Her Period

Fill in the blank.  Is it a tampon?  Cramp pills?  Purple dog with aluminum foil on it?

Nope, nope, and… NOPE.  So what is in the blank space?


When research said chocolate is beneficial for your health and mood, the public thought Hershey bars and Valentine’s candies were acceptable to eat on a weekly basis, but that’s where it went downhill because people starting feeling tired/guilty after eating them and blaming chocolate for it.  What research failed to include was dark chocolate that is organic and simple (coming with few real ingredients) is mood-boosting!  I’ll show you one of the recent brands I tasted and really loved.

And to be honest, I didn’t find this brand on my own.  On a recent morning, I woke up to find a big brown bag with these goodies inside:


My boyfriend popped by to drop these off next to my bed!  And if you know me well by now, I was bewildered to see these babies so I devoured them before I even brushed my teeth (I swore I brushed them after!).

To be fair, I enjoyed the dark chocolate with toasted almond pieces better than the dark chocolate with mint crunch, but everyone is different!

I like trying different organic (and fair trade options) as much as possible.  So far, this brand is up there for me.  Eating Evolved chocolate bars are delicious, but they’re a little on the salty end and it leaves a bitter note in my mouth.  Other brands are unusually fruitier and sweeter than I’d like them to be.  Equal Exchange finds the balance in allowing you to taste richness in chocolate and find some delight in the slight sweetness.

Equal Exchange source their cacao from Dominican Republic, Panama, Ecuador, and Peru; sugar form Paraguay; vanilla from Madagascar.  Isn’t it incredible how anything delicious and petite like a chocolate bar originated from so many countries?


If you’ve ever worked any job, you understand that businesses aim for profit because it’s how they sustain themselves and pay their workers along with the extra money to donate to organizations.  At Equal Exchange, their business model is focused on human rights and societal improvements.  The co-op is owned by the workers so when problems arises or profits are shared, the workers themselves vote and decide what to do with it.  Everyone in the co-op have the same power–those at the bottom are equal to the top, and vice versa.  It definitely makes things flow easier and efficiently.

All of this may sound counterproductive, but for the first time in economics, we are placing more value on human beings, rather than on profits.  If you want to be a part of this sustainable, ethical future, start small with large bites of Fair Trade chocolate bars.  Indulging, this time around, will do you and the world plenty of goodness! :’)

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