The more hearts you put out there, the more love you receive

Awhile ago, a piece of jewelry was able to pass down from the older generation to younger generation, and with that, there was a story and tradition that came with the rustic ring or jaded bracelet.

One of my coworkers has this ring that was given to her from her grandmother, and when worn upside down, it means she’s married.  How cute is that?!!

Which is why I value Fair Trade jewelry or just about any products in general.  There’s an artisan touch to it.  It lasts longer.  And they cost more; inherently, giving them more value and people want to take care of things they pay more for.

After a long hike under the hot sun in the Angeles National Park, my boyfriend and I decided to pass by Ten Thousand Villages in Pasadena because I’ve always wanted to see a physical retailer shop that sold Fair Trade products.  It didn’t disappoint!  I saw many cute items and bought this for $20:


This was made in India by artisans who were paid fairly and worked in a safe environment.

And guess what? I do wear this necklace often.  And I feel great about it because, not only does it look cute, it’s made with love and dignity.


One Reply to “The more hearts you put out there, the more love you receive”

  1. Viv! I love your voice—you are truly an inspiration—thank you for sending this link—I will get email updates for new entries ❤️


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