Jewelry store 31Bits helps more than fill up your jewelry box

“31 Bits” is a Fair Trade jewelry shop that pays its workers in Bali and Uganda with fair wages, familial love, and individual respect.  However, none of that is possible without the support from the other side of the world.  And the support shouldn’t only be verbal in front of a podium or written on a newspaper.  We must also support and vote with our wallet.  As my cousins from Kansas wisely advised, “When you pay cheap, you pay twice.”  So what happens when we pay a fair price?  31 Bits illustrates to us how our purchases of their jewelry—over regular jewelry shops—have the influence over the lives of those in Bali and Uganda:

  1. Teach life skills
  2. Providing ethical working conditions
  3. Creating financial stability
  4. Providing health services and counseling
  5. Starting businesses
  6. Shaping strong families
  7. Building community
  8. Preserving tradition
  9. Making graduation possible

It really opened my eyes to how my Fair Trade purchases influenced the lives of others beside me and the retailer.  If you want to learn more details, here is their link!

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