What happens after we clean the house? Recycling! But where?

“I broke my phone! Time to toss it!”

“There’s a new deal for this new laptop and I’m going to purchase it!  What am I going to do with my old desktop computer now?”

“The batteries in my child’s toy have expired.  Where should I recycle it?”

Okay–these are cheesy examples because in real life, people actually curse the skies and throw darts on their walls when their electronics have expired or are broken.

Yet, I’m no better than the rest because those expired batteries, unused desktop computers, and broken recorders are usually shipped to my den (AKA my garage).  On top of that, my mom loves to purchase towers of napkins in fear of our mess while my dad hoards a ridiculous number of vintage machines to create a museum–all of which, again, end up my garage!  Eventually, no matter tolerant you are, you want to purge. the. whole. scene.

I’ve organized and cleaned my home multiple times so I know how the process usually goes.  We throw away the stuff we’re bored of or don’t need, and then we categorize things based on what we need now and what we’ll need later.  Last but not least, everyone will come across their unused electronics, and the question is–What do we do with things we don’t need now or later?

No worries!  You can find the nearest recycling center for your old gadgets.

If you’re like me, you almost always throw away your batteries in a regular trash bin with your food and plastics.  It’s not the worst act to commit because you are creating a more organized environment around you, but where your batteries and electronics end up is where the trouble starts!  When we don’t recycle, those laptops and batteries will end up in different ecosystems where the toxins will be released, potentially harming the little cute critters who come in contact or consume the toxins!

I hope to see you at a recycling center soon when we both clean our houses!

Cheers, Viv

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